Colorful, inspiring books and puzzles that help children love to learn!

Rainstorm creates books and toys that make it fun for parents and children to play and learn together. We strongly believe parent-child interaction is key to developing a child’s confidence and natural curiosity for learning.

Our educational series is full of colorful illustrations and humorous rhymes perfect for children. Learn about the alphabet, colors, numbers, patterns, animals and more with our bright, engaging illustrations and interactive pages and puzzles.

Numbers and letters

High-quality illustrations paired with whimsical writing result in memorable books both parents and children return to time and time again.

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Our inspired, educational picture books and puzzles are designed for children ages seven and younger. These imaginative stories foster creativity in young children and act as educational stepping-stones in the development process.

Each product created is designed to support parents and children learning together and making memories that last a lifetime. Check out our products now!

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