The Learnalots Let's Learn First Grade

The Learnalots

The Learnalots Let's Learn First Grade

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9781474889995
  • Launch Date: 04/04/2017
  • Size: 8.333in x 10.813in x 0.500in
  • Format: Paperback
  • Age Range: 6 - 7
  • Content: 256 perforated pages and 2 pages of stickers

The Learnalots Let's Learn First Grade is a fun interactive workbook for ages 6-7. This educational workbook has eight subjects, including reading, math, science and much more to build academic skills. The fun activities are designed to build confidence in young children and for parents and children to complete together. This book also includes over 100 reward stickers. The Learnalots will inspire your child to learn something new every day!


Illustrated by Nikki Boetger

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